FIGHTING THE SHADOWS draws readers into a whirlwind romance marred by a scorned madman set on revenge.

After narrowly escaping with her life, tenacious but kindhearted Carreigh reinvents herself in Los Angeles, leaving her abusive ex—a fugitive cop on the run—behind in NYC. Now the star of a hit primetime drama, Carreigh has meticulously built a successful career, as well as a wall around herself. But when charming co-star Ben arrives on set—a tenderhearted single father also burned by love—all of Carreigh’s barriers start to crumble. With pasts shrouded in secrecy, Ben and Carreigh find themselves falling for each other but conflicted over just how much they are willing to sacrifice for love.

As they allow themselves to get swept up in a secret romance, Carreigh doesn’t realize the haunting feeling of being watched isn’t just a feeling after all—it’s her reality. The strange note on her front door, a lurking shadow outside the windows, the unexplainable oddities that seem to follow her wherever she goes—Carreigh’s vengeful ex is closer than she thinks. He’s watching Ben and Carreigh’s happiness unfold from the sidelines and won’t let her go without a fight. Carreigh is unsure of just how much strength she has left when she finds herself face to face with the man who once nearly took her life.